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I understand the special challenges of self-representation. I became a Legal Technician to help those who cannot afford an attorney, or wish to take a different, lower-cost approach to family law.

Jennifer Ortega, LLLT
Axisline Law, PLLC

Working with Jennifer

"I will give you clear and understandable information about your legal issues and the law.  My clients matter to me, and my grand mission in life is to provide affordable legal counsel and guidance to resolve your legal issues.

I also expect my clients to be responsible participants in the process. Working efficiently is essential in delivering cost-effective service, and I have an undying love of writing checklists and tracking due dates - which just happen to be absolutely necessary when interacting with the courts. When we work together, you will know what is needed and when; be prepared to receive a to do list! 

Being a highly organized person frees me up to spend the bulk of my time working to find reasonable solutions, including utilizing mediation to resolve conflicts whenever possible. I have a background in manufacturing and construction, so I start with a distinct goal and plan, then adjust when the process throws me a curve ball. 

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, gardening (oh, those lovely, neat rows), wine tasting (I even have a kit for that), walking/hiking with my husband, and sailing."

  • WSBA LLLT Board - Chair, RPC Committee; Co-Chair, Recruitment and Outreach Committee

  • WSBA Low Bono Section - Chair

  • - Co-Founder

Volunteer Work

WSBA Access to Justice Technology Committee 

Board of Judicial Administration Court Recovery Task Force - Technology Committee, Family Law Committee


Special Programs: LLLT Family Law

University of Washington, School of Law

Bachelor of Arts

University of Washington

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