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It is my driving goal as a legal technician to walk alongside my clients and not only help shoulder the burden of the family law process but to provide them with the tools to gain control of the chaos in their


During the emotional turmoil of family conflicts, it is difficult to see the forest through the trees, especially when navigating a confusing court system. 

Tamara Garrison, LLLT


Legal Technician Division, PLLC

Working with Tamara

"I strive to guide my clients in a clear and easy to understand manner so they can successfully follow court procedures and present their case effectively. I use my extensive experience in family law to place my clients on an equal playing field, which not only provides more opportunities for positive outcomes in court, but often encourages opposing parties to come to the table and negotiate without legal action. It is always my preference to encourage low-conflict resolutions in order to minimize any stress and prevent harm to the already-hurting families.


I especially focus on protecting any children who may be affected by divorce or child custody issues, and give my clients proven tools to make sure that not only are their children cared for now, but also in the future. While I always prefer to reach mediated agreements and avoid court actions, my extensive experience with family law litigation from the beginning of a case all the way through the final trial gives me the confidence to face high-conflict situations head on. I will support you, empower you, give you honest and realistic advice, and provide you with the highest level of representation within my scope as a Legal Technician."