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Practicing family law as an LLLT has been a perfect fit for me.  I thrive when I am helping people understand and navigate the court process. Clients are most successful when they understand both the expectations of the court and their own expectations through the legal framework. 


With over twelve years of legal experience, it was a natural choice to become an LLLT.  As the fifth LLLT licensed, I have enjoyed seeing our profession transform since its inception, and am excited about the future.


I work for a Family Law attorney in Mason and Kitsap counties in addition to my partnership in the first multiple legal technician law firm of Washington State, Legal Technician Division, PLLC.


Volunteering has always been important to me, and I previously volunteered with the Pro Se Docket for Mason County Superior Court, and the Thurston County Legal Clinic for Mason County matters. When I moved to Spokane in 2017, I joined the VLP to continue assisting pro se litigants.

Barbara Esselstrom, LLLT

Legal Technician Division, PLLC